Dream among the stars

Submitted by wulfman on Sat, 06/01/2019 - 16:57

I saw Star Wars Empire strikes back in the theater back when it was first released and refreshed this love in the 90s with the great Star Wars games like Tie Fighter etc. This website and the links still capture a lot of this history, form the days in the Imperial Order, to Star Wars Galaxy (the best MMO ever) and the great memories of Wanderhome, Starsider and ISOC. This was a great time in the early days of this century. 

Now, since 2012 things have changed a bit. There was no more Star Wars Galaxy, we joined the 501st for costuming which is a lot of fun and the games moved to Star Trek Online at first and Star Citizen (hopefully it will be a full game at one point).

This website shares memories of the past and a glimps into today and the future ...